In our Primary school, native English classroom teachers deliver all curricular subjects, except for German and Ethics. Music and Physical Education are also instructed by native English subject specialists. In the secondary school each subject is taught by specialist subject area teachers, many of them are native speakers.

KIBS is secular school. We do not favour nor promote any specific religion. We believe that religion is a private family matter. Therefore, we view religion with respect and tolerance. We would like to focus on the positive aspects of the different faiths throughout the world and the similarities we have as people. We want our students to experience the world’s religions equally. This also includes a moral and ethical foundation. Our goal is to give a knowledgeable foundation and the ability to see the world’s religions with respect.


Everyone has unique talents, strengths, and areas for development. Here at KIBS, we celebrate uniqueness in all areas of our school life. All of our unique talents matter in daily life and our children enjoy finding out about the areas in which they shine and demonstrating the unique talents which distinguish themselves from others. Realising their potential in these areas helps our children become more confident and gives them the opportunity to use their talents to advance their education. This is only possible as our class communities respect the uniqueness of everyone. The key to achieving an educational environment based on these principals is differentiation. In our classrooms, individual learning requirements are continuously taken into consideration.

For us, this means:

  • our lessons have common core elements accessible for everyone and additionally enough space for inspiring the development of each child’s personal profile within the classroom
  • being different within our community creates balance and reflects the personality of the individual  – our teachers integrate these opportunities into all the lessons and make them a valuable learning experience for everyone

Differentiation requires our teaching staff to show a high sensitivity for the social, emotional, intellectual, and artistic profile of our children. Helping our students to maintain and develop their innate uniqueness, making them a true individual, is what we all aspire to. Teaching and learning can only be effective if all abilities of our children are being discovered and cherished. We work on this every day: Our yearly, termly, and weekly plans are constantly being evaluated by our teachers to reflect the learning outcomes and underpin the progress being made.