Successful evaluation report for KIBS Hannover

We are delighted about the successful evaluation of our bilingual school by Wolfgang Schnitzler. Mr Schnitzler, now retired, was a language inspector of school German schools overseas. He has audited our language learning structures and outcomes and has commented that they are modern, cooperative and student centered with a high level of lessons following the latest methodological and pedagogical research developments.

“We are proud of this outcome and feel affirmed in our concept – particularly by the statement in the report that we could be an exemplary for other schools”, says Andreas Schraknepper, Head of Schools Division. Grades 4 and 5 were audited and evaluated in German and English. Mr Schnitzler also observed classes in geography and topic. Our school got consistently positive results, particularly noted was the concurrence of language proficiency and use.

Also particularly pleasing is the observation that a high level of trust exists between students and teachers – and that the students identify with “our” school.
“At KIBS we see the raising of standards and quality management as an on-going and developing processes”, says Mr Schraknepper. “We welcome external inspections and quality evaluations as a way of helping us to be continually improving the education that we offer to our students.”